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Auction 2 Post

The reason I am writing about this WordPress plugin is long winded, but essentially a while back I wrote a website which featured a hand picked 3 best auctions in certain categories from ebay and posted them to a custom themed WordPress blog, the idea being that people could see the 3 most expensive cars of Tuesday or the 3 most luxury houses for sale etc.  I had written a plugin for WordPress to do this which worked pretty well, but lacked the finesse a full time project would get. This was probably a few years ago, but the other day I happened across Auction2Post and instantly it reminded me of the pitfalls I had encountered with this previous site/plugin. I went to the homepage of the site and was instantly put off, as most of you should be by these sales pages. Having been on the other side of affiliate marketing online I know landing pages and selling copy and unless I am selling a similar product don’t particularly enjoy reading other peoples.

But irrelevant of the selling gumpf I had heard good things. In the uk it worked out as £68 or so with currency conversion to buy Auction 2 Post and a pack of 20 themes and it is, worth it. Worth it that is if you intend to use it to satisfy a need. I wouldn’t buy it if you are just looking for some new “get rich quick scheme” to burn your money into, get it if you know wordpress, get it if you already have some ebay sites (php bay, bans, bespoke – please say you have bespoke!) or a good use within an established site network/blog context.

auction-2-postThere are lots of ways  you can use Auction 2 post, essentially it just posts ebay auctions as posts’ and offers you a host of ways of doing that, within templates, automatically etc. and you can stay within the ebay partner network rules as long as you invest a bit of time in reading them (you should do this when you sign up, by the way!) A word of caution at this point though, EbayPartnerNetwork is apparently getting hotter on the unscrupulous affiliate and if you were not careful you could probably tear their Terms of Service to shreds with this plugin, not that I would know about doing that! EPN (Ebay Partner Network) is lucrative and worth investing time if your a natural SEO developer, auction 2 post is a nice implementation of a wordpress plugin that helps you into this – but its all about how you use it!

I won’t go into how I am using this WordPress plugin, or how you should – there are a lot of great ways this can work for you. I have set up several experimental sites and am using it in xx other blogs, I will perhaps release some results, experiences and stats in the near future, although we don’t want A2p to get too big do we 😉 The forum’s and support for Auction 2 Post are great, zizby/radio is quick to respond to your questions about the plugin – the member area is simple but I have found a few dead links – nothing important and I am sure they’ll fix this. In essence if you know what your doing with the web and wordpress you need this plugin in your affiliate arsenal!

auction-2-post-wordpress-pluginGet Auction 2 Post
(Just skip through the blurb and click order now)


Auction 2 Post Discount Code: 789FB24704
Use this code you also get $20/£13 off:


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  1. Posted October 11, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Also while I remember – Auction 2 Post does work on 1and1 hosting, I have it working – let me know if anyone has any problem’s getting Auction 2 Post working on 1and1 Shared hosting!

  2. Greg
    Posted March 21, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Hey Woody!,
    Your posts on using a2p on 1&1 are just what the doctor ordered. The only problem i’m having is setting up the cron jobs on 1&1 any quick tips to get me up and moving. I’ve got putty but just trying to find exactly where the job should point to in regards to file location. I wish 1and1 would just use cpanel.



  3. Posted March 22, 2010 at 7:34 am

    Hi Greg

    You can use remote cron websites which I have used in the past for simplicity – they charge like a pound a month or something tiny – this can get round any complexities or restrictions on shared hosts like 1and1. The automation isnt too bad in auction 2 post though – is it just for a bit more control?

    Glad you liked the post – thanks for stopping by!

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