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Automated Editor Released!

Automated Editor wordpress plugin
A nice small chunk of a project, Automated Editor is a wordpress plugin which allows you to automate some of the post editing process. Automated Editor wordpress pluginWritten to be lightweight and flexible it can do a lot with a little input. The plugin replaces a previous script/small app I had previously commissioned to offer automatic string replacement/removal from posts at point of publishing. With this public release version though it has had all the bells and whistles added to it, and will do some other useful tasks such as the following:

  • Replace one string with another (String replace) e.g. Replace ‘X’ with ‘Y’
  • Remove instances of a string (String remove) e.g. Remove all instances of ‘X’
  • Replace strings which match a regex rule with another string (Regex replace) e.g. Replace any numbers (^[0-9]{3}$) with ‘y’
  • Remove strings which match a regex rule (Regex replace) e.g. Remove any numbers (^[0-9]{3}$)
  • Prepend a string onto the front of a post (Prepend) e.g. Add ‘X’ to the top of a post
  • Append a string onto the back of a post (Append) e.g. Add ‘X’ to the bottom of a post
  • Add a post into a category (Add category) e.g. Add category ‘X’ to the post if its not already added.
  • Add a tag onto a post (Add tag) e.g. Add tag ‘X’ to the post if its not already added.
  • Change a posts date
  • Change a posts status

(Taken from here.)

If you want to read more about the plugin you can check out this post on, What is the point in Automated Editor or go right ahead and get it from or buy the professional version at

Watch this space for a few posts on how I use the plugin, (it works fantastically well when rigged up with Auction2Post.)

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