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SQL Server

MySQL datetime examples – first/last day of the year – dates and unix-times

For some reason I had an abstract memory of SQL SERVER 2000, timestamps and pain. Who knows why. Perhaps its a faulty memory. lol. Anyhow working with timestamps in MySQL/MSSQL these days is nothing short of simple. With MySQL Workbench free its ridiculous how far the barrier of entry for database design has come, its […]

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From SQL Server 2008 r2 to SQL Compact Edition. Doing things the wrong way.

Program written using csharp and SQL Server 2008 r2? Great eh? … What about your users? …Doh. Anyway its good to re look at your data layer, so if this crops up and you need to switch to a more portable solution (Compact edition means anyone can use it on windows) then put in the […]

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Forget Inertia – A new era.

There is by far enough written words about the freedom and positives of leaving ones established job, for better or for worse I think it is the right way forward for me, now. I have had a long list of things to post about, technology thoughts and projects completed; now thankfully I have the control […]

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ReSeed Identity column – TSQL

Randomly I didn’t remember the code to reseed the identity column in tsql, this works though on ms sql 2008 – DBCC CHECKIDENT (tbl_crazyTableName, RESEED, 20000) TSQL

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xp_fileexist Network Drive – T SQL Based File checking

If you didn’t already know you can check whether files exist, find file sizes and all sorts of other useful things directly from within Transactional SQL Query. In this example I had a table containing a few columns that gave me the network drive location and filename of a few thousand files and I wanted […]

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SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services – Microsoft Reporting Services – Microsoft Visual Basic Reports – Microsoft Visual Studio Reports Whatever name you want to give them there is a great capacity in cutting edge Microsoft developer’s tools. You have to give it to them; they do continue to roll out tool after tool aimed solely at […]

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