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Monthly Archives March 2010

BangKok to Surat Thani to Krabi to Railay

It was a lot of traveling but it was well worth it. pretty much 30 hours in some sort of painful seat, varying air conditioning and random food but the final leg of a longtail boat to Railay was a great conclusion to the travel. Railay was suggested to us by a girl we met […]

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BRB Thailand

I am probably just getting on flight BA7312 out of heathrow, bound for sunny Thailand, most of my email addresses are now on replycannons, if you want to get hold of me I will be periodically updating this blog (so will see comments) and might check my facebook occasionally. Let’s see what south east Asia […]

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Hayday Construction on Google StreetView

Well done Tom spotting this – My dad working hard and the Hayday Construction & Roofing on google streetview! Unrelated to the pliers on streetview post

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Silent City Collective

The Silent City Collective is “a symposium on the effects of climate change in the global south and post industrial nations” – its well worth a watch – if you haven’t already then check out the Silent City Collective site and make sure you make it to the Exhibition just off Brick lane this May. […]

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The Pliers are coming!

Someone sent me this random streetview find – Pliers revenge!

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Thailand Express – 2010

Next Friday I fly out to Bangkok, Thailand for a month of sun. Just wanted to shout out thank you to all the people that have given advice, helped me prepare and the few that are coming with me – I will update the blog a few times while out there – stick a few […]

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Javascript in Spreadsheets? – Google Apps Script Does that

Far from being a google promoter, I do like this. Google Apps Script opens up google spreadsheets to scripting – Just like Macro’s etc in Excel, but with Javascript. This effectively opens up a world of online data processing and analysis that would have not been easily possible within a browser before hand, especially suiting […]

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Microsoft Skinput?

Is funny how technology develops…it takes a while for the lag to catch up I suppose. I like this novel pursuit of new interfaces between humans and technology, I can’t help thinking it wont end up used at all like it is shown here though, I see this more useful to warfare, body electronic metrics […]

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