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BangKok to Surat Thani to Krabi to Railay

It was a lot of traveling but it was well worth it. pretty much 30 hours in some sort of painful seat, varying air conditioning and random food but the final leg of a longtail boat to Railay was a great conclusion to the travel.

Railay was suggested to us by a girl we met in krabi named Suze and its pretty awesome. Clear warm water, white sand, ridiculously amazing scenery, interesting bars and nice thai curry. I will stick a few photo’s up when I get a chance but its asĀ  you’d expect a bit of thailand cut off from the mainland, only accessable by boats would be.

We stayed in diamond view resort which the lonely planet guide said should be a ‘last resort’ but it suits us and is cheap, the majority of our time has been on the beach, canoe or in the sea. Cocktails at 100 Baht make the evenings a laugh here too. Now the 40 degree mid day sun and warm water is calling me from out the window, I will update soon and stick a photo to replace the above one I burrowed!

We are next getting longboat -> ferry to Koh Lanta to find a nice relaxed hotel

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