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Railay to Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi to Krabi

From Railay I got the long boat to the ferry which took us to Koh Lanta which is a nice semi island (connected to land if sea was a little lower) that is I think relatively newly touristy. Staying half way down the island offered relative peace, some relaxed but comfortable beach bars and a fair bit of sunny swimming. The best thing I found about Koh Lanta was the seaside BBQ where you picked the stuff you wanted cooking and then sat to eat. They had probably the biggest prawns I have ever seen that were amazing and only about 90p each. Koh Lanta is the part of Thailand I would probably come back to if I was with family, it offers a touch of nightlife but really nothing as busy as anywhere else.

Next up we got a ferry out of Saladan, Koh Lanta across to Koh Phi Phi. Koh Phi Phi is I think the most touristy island, and I think thats quite well known. Just a hop away from Maya bay where they filmed ‘the beach’ and having suffered a Tsunami in 2004 it still remains probably the busiest places of those I have visited, bar of course full moon on Koh Phangan. Stayed in PP Charlie which was entry level in terms of money but saw a few rooms and you can stay on PhiPhi for about 25 pounds and have all the niceties of uk hotels.

There is a lot to do on Phi Phi, begin a very small island it is also relatively communal and everywhere you go you seem to bump into people you met elsewhere or at earlier times on the island. We went to a thai boxing match which supposedly started at 9pm at the Reggae bar and ended up two of my friends being the main attraction, ushered into the ring to fight 3 rounds in exchange for a bucket of sangsom and mixer. We also did a fair amount of drinks tasting at the Banana bar which was a uv splattered roof bar and spent pretty much the rest of the time on the beach, either in the day swimming or sunbathing or at night partying at the very good beach bars (Ibiza bar.) Unfortunately at an apparent momentary lapse of awareness I did loose my camera on this beach but such is life. Luckily I only lost a days worth of pictures as I had backed up, but it was an excellent night I wish I had recorded proof of. We did other things on PP like kayaking, played pool etc and got doctor fished!

Snorkling in Maya bay and around the island just of PP was pretty amazing although it is not so great to see the coral in a lesser state, largely because of tourists and boats etc, it however does remain a stunning little island. The longtail ride back watching the sun set across the sea was great although with rocky seas the other passengers were not so impressed.

Food on Koh Phi Phi was good but more touristy as you would expect I suppose – The Rock restaurant which is made in the shape of a boat sticking out of the mountain (like a few on the island) gave another opportunity to bump into people we had met before. Ate Massaman curry as advised by Maria which was good although I am not a fan of potato in curries.

After a few nights of partying on the beach the group wanted to move on from Koh Phi Phi, I have to say I was quite liking the island but perhaps that was for other reasons, I could have happily stayed another night or two, but packing it in we left pp via ferry to Krabi and stayed a night there at a nice little guesthouse just out of town. We did a bit of shopping in Krabi and rested mostly – watched Daybreakers which was alright. We ate at a self serve BBQ where they place a platter of meats in front of you along with a heated plate for you to cook your own food on, connected to a circular channel which created a soup from the cooked meats released fluid. Its hard to explain but was a fantastic culinary experience.

I am actually writing this from Bangkok, but I shall update another time – time for some Pad Choi!

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