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SSRS Every Forth Page? – Shortest Code

On looking for the quickest way to spit something out on every forth page of an SSRS report I wrote this – anyone got a yet further abreviated way to set visibility on every forth page? =iif(((Globals.PageNumber+1) Mod 4) = 0, False, True)

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SSRS 08 Reports Strait from URL

Looking to get SQL Server Reporting Services 08 reports to people easily? sometimes its simpler to just give them an url, which you can do and works well. If you take the following and replace SERVERHOST, REPORT LOCATION/NAME,PARAMNAME and PARAMVALUE with your SSRS report details you can literally hand it out irrelevant of session, location […]

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SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services – Microsoft Reporting Services – Microsoft Visual Basic Reports – Microsoft Visual Studio Reports Whatever name you want to give them there is a great capacity in cutting edge Microsoft developer’s tools. You have to give it to them; they do continue to roll out tool after tool aimed solely at […]

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