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Monthly Archives June 2011

Firefox, why you mutate my css?

Quick post to remove the annoyance that is this bug from my short term memory, you would think this would work: …it does, but not in firefox. Say the background property was set to “url(someimage.png) top left no-repeat”, making the background-image property “url(someimage.png)” right? In every browser except firefox, yes, not for firefox. Firefox would […]

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Namestation starts charging – review/alternatives

I remember it as, a useful site which would usually suck hours of my life away showing me domain names I didn’t originally know I wanted/needed. It would usually come up with the results though, providing me with a decent domain for a new project or site. So when I wanted to dial in […]

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Southside Festival 2011 Playlist

Last weekend was Southside festival in Neuhausen Ob Eck, South Germany, it was a muddy, rainy, hot, (did I say muddy) few days. All the big bands were fantastic, for me Incubus, Portishead, Gogol Bordello, The Arctic Monkeys and Chemical Brothers smashed it. Anyway if you have spotify and want to check out some of […]

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Audi A4 B6 (2002-200?) Fix for Airconditioning stuck on ECON mode (Replace High-Pressure Sensor/Thrust sensor G65)

I am no mechanic, not even close, but after a spout of successful self fixes on my Audi I thought I would post this, purely because when I was going about trying to fix this particular issue myself there was about 100 slightly different versions of solutions on google, of which a lot give misleading/confused […]

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Ebay Partner Network Changes RSS Urls (again)

If you are part of the wave of Ebay Partner Network (EPN) affiliates that stuck up middle-man eshops fed by their RSS feeds you may have missed this. In the 5 years or so I have been an ebay affiliate they have only done this a few times, but for the hundreds of custom scripts […]

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