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Ebay Partner Network Changes RSS Urls (again)

If you are part of the wave of Ebay Partner Network (EPN) affiliates that stuck up middle-man eshops fed by their RSS feeds you may have missed this. In the 5 years or so I have been an ebay affiliate they have only done this a few times, but for the hundreds of custom scripts […]

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Ebay Partner Network Experiments – Splitting Campaigns for EPC?

Back to it I thought I would write a quick post about something which seems to be helping my ebay partner network revenues – that is campaign splitting. I am totally unsure of how ebay partner network campaign splitting will work for you – I am only just starting to test it my self – […]

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Ebay Partner Network Xmas Bonus? – EPN Look after their affiliates

Those of you that make good money out of eBay probably noticed the downtime last month. For me it had an affect on my epn earnings for around 5 days. The problem (in my case at least) seemed to be with RSS feeds called from php (curl.) But it could simply have been a server […]

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Auction 2 Post

The reason I am writing about this WordPress plugin is long winded, but essentially a while back I wrote a website which featured a hand picked 3 best auctions in certain categories from ebay and posted them to a custom themed WordPress blog, the idea being that people could see the 3 most expensive cars […]

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