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Monthly Archives January 2010

Nvidia CUDA does Video converting | Use your GPU to convert video

CUDA on Nvidia cards rocks. This box’s ATI was hardcore about 9 months ago, but even though the latest ATI card’s are the world’s best in performance, and by no means bad, NVIDIA’s CUDA changes anything for anyone who uses a pc for more than facebook. SUPER is a video converter that does prettymuch every […]

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Dubstep track of the moment: B-Complex Beautiful Lies

Of late I have been listening to a bunch of dubstep music and I am completely addicted to the track B-Complex Beautiful Lies, check it out:

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Multiple WordPress blogs from 1 instance / 1 wordpress folder to maintain

WordPress is a victim of its own success, but its no victim. It is huge. Millions upon millions of people use wordpress to power their blogs (like this one for example) to make money and to have their voice present on the internet. It has become a first stop for a huge host of people […]

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Art Interview Archive’s – Idea’s for Hans Ulrich Obrist

Wired this month features a short story on Hans Ulrich Obrist and his archive of recorded interviews surmounting 2000 hours. It is proposed that the digitalisation and distribution of these is a challenge. This is a challenge I would like to take up and in almost open letter format I would like to discuss some […]

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