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Monthly Archives May 2011

Hackers wrecking your shared host account? Check your Website Portfolio Integrity

10 days of perpetual issues with hackers. 10 DAYS. 100+ sites bombed randomly between every 5 minutes and 5 hours and that’s only after proper detection, who knows how far it had gone before. But from the relentless irritation some positives developed, if you are in the (precarious) position of hosting LOTS of websites on […]

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Writing a book. Yeah its a novel, Science fiction…1 year later

It’s now about a year since I started writing my first book, a novel, a science fiction novel and I am still writing. It’s been an experience which has travelled the world with me and let me travel the world through it. Started on a bit of a whim it has become an all encompassing […]

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Grab Tabs – Get chromium urls in a list

Long story short there is a bunch of extensions for chrome/chromium which provide you with session management and tab control but frankly none of them do exactly what I wanted so I have fudged a solution by using session manager and writing a 5 minute extension: Grab Tabs. Somehow it seemed easier to write an […]

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Filter bubbles – Will tomorrow see the transparent equation of you?

A good ted talk from Eli Pariser on what he calls Filter Bubbles: He has presented on a growing phenomena which we should all be more aware of, the algorithmic manipulation of digital feeds of information, our “personal web” that I would suggest the majority is oblivious to. Like it or hate it our new […]

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