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Browser Compatibility

Firefox, why you mutate my css?

Quick post to remove the annoyance that is this bug from my short term memory, you would think this would work: …it does, but not in firefox. Say the background property was set to “url(someimage.png) top left no-repeat”, making the background-image property “url(someimage.png)” right? In every browser except firefox, yes, not for firefox. Firefox would […]

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Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility has to be the most boring part of web development. You can build a fantastic functioning epic web based gui, doing the usual code, test, refine, retest cycle to master your code but if your “test” step doesn’t cover the jungle of browser’s out there it can all fall down when opened elsewhere. […]

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Browser Compatibility Matrix Files

Here is the files for my Browser Compatibility Matrix, so you can remember to check website browser compatibility across all of the common web browsers. Browser Compatability Matrix PDF Browser Compatibility Matrix PNG

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