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Silent City Collective

The Silent City Collective is “a symposium on the effects of climate change in the global south and post industrial nations” – its well worth a watch – if you haven’t already then check out the Silent City Collective site and make sure you make it to the Exhibition just off Brick lane this May. My good friend Cara Nahaul is curating along with Emily Whitebread.

The collective

A reaction against exhibitions such as ‘Earth: Art of a Changing World’ hosted by the RA which tend to present a classless vision of ecological justice made in the West, prioritising the needs of the developed nations over all others.

Silent City will be a symposium that addresses the issue of climate change with a particular focus on its impact on the Third World. It will comprise a line-up of interdisciplinary programmes, which together will explore climate change as an environmental crisis that requires a development solution.

There is a growing need to address the global geopolitics of environmentalism. Typically, climate change events have failed to address these issues that concern both the global south and post industrial nations. In light of this, many people have become apathetic and disillusioned about the prospects for change.

Silent City demonstrates that climate change is no longer a scientific debate or a protest march but a pervasive aspect of all of our lives; aiming to provide a different experience to explore these serious issues.

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