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From SQL Server 2008 r2 to SQL Compact Edition. Doing things the wrong way.

Program written using csharp and SQL Server 2008 r2? Great eh? … What about your users? …Doh. Anyway its good to re look at your data layer, so if this crops up and you need to switch to a more portable solution (Compact edition means anyone can use it on windows) then put in the time. Heres a few snippets of SQL changes that you will need to deal with in recreating your tables in SQL Compact Edition (moving from full blown SQL server auto scripting)

  • Dont try to SET anything, skip them. ANSI_NULLs, ANSI_PADDING
  • Replace CURRENT_TIMESTAMP with (getdate()) – easy to forget this but I always seem to use it as a default.
  • Keep constraints on line

Of course if you wrote your tables from scratch in T-SQL it probably wont be a problem.
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