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Auction 2 Post Recap

Its been a while since I posted my review of Auction 2 Post and I thought I would do a post with my results so far etc. Broadly speaking a2p has been a fairly successful venture, between 5-10 sites, all of which more than pay their way have brought more than 100% ROI on the original purchase, and probably a fairly decent hourly rate for the person putting them up. I would say that if you have a decent way of promoting the sites you create (a good backbone of links, or at least a good source of links) then you will have no issue in making a small fortune out of auction 2 post.

You might have to scale it up a lot though, if you don’t choose good niche’s and good domains/designs. From the few I have put up the great domains/good sites do best, but then I did most promotion for them so perhaps that is biased. All in all I will keep A2P in my developers arsenal, for $69 or whatever for a lifetime licence – you cant go wrong with it. If you don’t make your money back and a lot more then you shouldn’t be trying to make money online.

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