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iPhone HomeScreen’s, Spotify, Evernote and the iphone

Thought I would randomly dump a few iphone screenshots I have just found on my 3gs (too many people have iphones – I am not one of these fanboys :/) – If you didn’t know you can take a screenshot at any point with an iphone by pressing the home key and the lock key at the same time, then it saves them as a jpeg in your photo’s.

As you can see I have gone from sod all to too much, but I can definitely say I am happy with where I am now – the ipod is thrown out and in its place is Spotify, notes really is replaced with evernotes and the rest of the stuff just works.
Spotify and the iphone is a relative craze, but in fact it is one I would recommend – it does mean paying a tenner a month to the company but then the high bitrates and legality of having a huge music collection, playlists etc instantly at your disposal is almost priceless, certainly worth more than the £120 a year.
Evernote is my other favourite – seamless note’s between your iphone and the net – I did write a huge application to do this more specific to my own self management style but its beta was dragging and this does 90% of what I need it to do so that’s been put on the backburner – highly recommend this elephant logo’d app though.
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  1. Posted October 3, 2009 at 6:42 pm

    I can confirm you are an iphone geek. Also that barcode scanner came in useful 😛

  2. Posted October 3, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    It’s not useful at all, its well implemented but fairly pointless

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