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New Year, New Camera

What an epic camera. Reminds me how awesome photography is with SLR’s and how even with 35mm I loved it, the idea is to post as many photo’s as pos to go with posts from now on, to be seen how that goes. Anyhow check out the first day of messing about with it, all […]

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New blog design for a new year

Its a few weeks into 2011 and a redesign and new plan is in order. I took inspiration from a few fantastic blogs for this theme and make no claims at anything other than trying a fresher look! I intend 2011 to be a much more blog-rich year, I am already brainstorming some posts for […]

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Pai to Chiang Mai to Kathmandu

Pai was good for another few days after I last posted, I didn’t do much and ended up visiting a few bars, met a few cool people. Pai is definitely worth the visit and was a good shout from my cousin, despite its sleepy days. I got the bus out of Pai bus station (they […]

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Bangkok to Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Pai

I stayed a good few days in Bangkok. I went to MBK and brought the exact same model of camera I had lost on the beach in Phi Phi, I attempted to visit the princes residence with JM and SH but thanks to yet another clueless tuktuk pilot we ended up at an exhibition for […]

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Krabi to Surat Thani to Koh Phangan to Bangkok

Slow to update, perhaps but here is the next leg of my Thailand trip! From our overnight stop in Krabi we got a 3 hour coach across the country to Surat Thani then pretty much jumped strait on the ferry to Koh Phangan. Sitting on the exact front end of the ferry seemed like a […]

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Railay to Koh Lanta to Koh Phi Phi to Krabi

From Railay I got the long boat to the ferry which took us to Koh Lanta which is a nice semi island (connected to land if sea was a little lower) that is I think relatively newly touristy. Staying half way down the island offered relative peace, some relaxed but comfortable beach bars and a […]

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BangKok to Surat Thani to Krabi to Railay

It was a lot of traveling but it was well worth it. pretty much 30 hours in some sort of painful seat, varying air conditioning and random food but the final leg of a longtail boat to Railay was a great conclusion to the travel. Railay was suggested to us by a girl we met […]

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BRB Thailand

I am probably just getting on flight BA7312 out of heathrow, bound for sunny Thailand, most of my email addresses are now on replycannons, if you want to get hold of me I will be periodically updating this blog (so will see comments) and might check my facebook occasionally. Let’s see what south east Asia […]

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