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EverClients – More Work For Freelancers

This week I’m opening the doors over at EverClients, and I thought I’d post here for the freelancers which hit this blog. EverClients is a daily lead feed, you sign up, pay monthly, and then each and every working day you receive an email which has a bunch of high quality work leads in it. I’ve designed the service to take the pain out of the front end of being a freelance designer or developer. The finding of work.

A fantastic side-benefit I never expected EverClients to provide is that it actually builds a habit out of bidding on new work/finding new clients. By building the process into your freelancer day, customers have told me that it gets done way more regularly than usual. It becomes “Check email, bid for 30 minutes on select work from EverClients, get on with billable hours.” – Where before it would be easy to forget for a few days and then be high and dry once your current job finishes.

I’ll also be writing a collection of articles for freelancers over at the EverClients blog, I’ve started with Why do freelancers get droughts and will cover most of the topics that I know plague freelancers. Ultimately I hope to write up into a useful e-book for Freelancers everywhere, as I’ve seen that the number of us freelancing each year is hugely rising.

EverClients - Leads for Freelancers

EverClients – Never Search for Freelance Leads Again

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