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Free “Lite” Version of Social Gallery released!

Social Gallery Lite WordPress plugin - For Free!

Just a quick post to say that yesterday evening I released the free version of Social Gallery. As Social Gallery has been so popular (now over 700 copies sold on CodeCanyon) it seemed only fair to share some of the awesome out to the family (and to the non-profit’s and such that asked me for assistance.) This “Lite” free version of the premium Social Gallery gives the major functions of Social Gallery but just has all the frill chopped out – it’s still a great way to get more engagement out of your blog images and will no doubt help lots of WordPress fledgling bloggers get more likes & comments on their content. I’m glad to release this free version so as it can be used by all!

If you want to try out Social Gallery Lite you can get a copy over at

Or read more about this free version release on the Social Gallery blogpost.

Happy Social-Lightboxing to all!

Get Social Gallery Lite Now
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