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Review a festival for me and Win 2013 Tickets!

My latest project (Choose Fest) has got a new competition running where you can win pairs of tickets to next years music festivals – if you have hit a festival already this year – or you are going to then make sure you go over to ChooseFest and leave a review, that’s all it takes to enter in the draw to win tickets.

You can check out my review of Gent Jazz Festival if you want to see what I thought or go directly to the Win festival tickets page!

An excerpt of my Gent Jazz Festival review:

“Expensive But Awesome”
Though tickets cost €34 a night you get a lot for your money. Set in fantastic grounds (old Belgian buildings modernised and brand new stylised architecture either side of the music) and with serious organisation the festival is a small gem in Belgium’s musical landscape. Just outside town, about 10 minutes walk from St.Peters train station it’s also very easy to get to.

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