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Facebook-Style Photo Viewer WordPress Plugin

It’s been a hectic few months, many successful client projects, many successfuly additions to ChooseFest and StormGate and I haven’t let myself schedule any writing time. This hiatus has been intentional and it’s non lexical productivity has been a positive necessity. Short of writing a list of festival essentials the only thing I have written has been code, tons of the stuff. I will be back with a new blogpost or two soon, anyhow on to the main feature:

Facebook-Style Photo Viewer – Social Gallery

Social Gallery is a WordPress plugin which adds a fancy “Facebook-style” photo viewer to your blog images. It’s a bit of an improvement on the existing lightbox plugins which have served their time well but really haven’t been innovated in too long. This WordPress plugin came about through the combined timing of a client requirement and a schedule collapse, but the end product has ended up working out quite nicely (you can see it in effect by clicking the image below.)

Click this:

(Photo is one of mine I found lying about in WordPress – Aberaeron, West Wales)

What your seeing is version 1.0, you can see the full website here and buy it for $14 here. Future versions will have some fancy additions such as Disqus comments (as well as Facebook comments) and more clever ways to feed content into its sidebar.

Social Gallery rides off the wave that is Facebook, using a similar photo-viewing style to give your users a better media experience as well as garnering the benefits of association with Facebook. If you think about it 900+ million users will be familiar with this way of viewing images so it makes sense for more of us to adopt it, Social Gallery is a really easy way to add this functionality to your WordPress.


  • Facebook-style lightbox
  • Get More Likes & More Shares
  • Get More Comments
  • Engage your Visitors
  • Adds Facebook Comments
  • Familiar to Facebook’s 900+ million users
  • Easy to Install

If you want to know more just hop over to

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