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Fix/Hack to make AutoSuggest JQuery Plugin work

When I came across Drew Wilson’s flashy JQuery Autosuggest plugin I happily downloaded the code and started using it within a recent project, but as I used it more and more I kept hitting a bug – don’t know if its just the version of JQuery I was tied to using or whether everyone using the pretty plugin suffers it. Either way there was peculiar happenings when removing elements, they would remove 75% of the time, but the other 25% they would remove only to not maintain the associated CSV list of objects properly.

Irritating when the thing looks so pretty out of the box. So rather than opt for one of the non-pretty options I just hacked it. Brutally I just added code to maintain an input as a csv, it needs fixing really but this does work, for now.

Click here to download my hack/fixed version which maintains a separate csv (in a designated ID – search replace “csvHolder” if you want to change its ID.)

Hopefully Drew can update his plugin so it works out of the box, its a really useful plugin.

Note: This rar includes my csv quick maintaining functions which are required.

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