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Facebook time in php – Facebook uses GMT not PDT/PST?

I don’t know whether its purely related to my location when I am calling facebooks’ graph API or what, but all the talk about what timestamps facebooks API returns seems to be wrong. Perhaps they’ve changed something, perhaps they are re-adjusting them just for me. If its the latter I wonder why they are giving me GMT when I am in Belgium? Is it based on the USER?

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Facebook Time in PHP, who the what where?

If you haven’t tried pulling anything time-sensitive out of the graph API yet, don’t, that’s my advice. There is not a single bit of coherent explanation as to how the API hand’s out times, when I first researched it I had written on my pad “Pacific time”…great, did my past (possibly beer holding) self not remember that Pacific time is one thing half the year and another the other half? PDT/PST? Obviously not. What’s more, now when I check (post something on a page, grab it with graph API) – its giving me GMT+00 times, WHEN I’M IN GMT+01.


All I can work out is facebook have either been pleasant enough to convert the time to the users original registration locale (likely, and pleasant) and not noted it down ANYWHERE publicly, or they have chosen to use GMT. Probably the former, either way – facebook developers – we need a better solution for working with facebook times.

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  1. Brian
    Posted May 11, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    In my opinion, the time difference is a real headache because it has no consequence between neighboring countries.

  2. Posted May 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Brian, I guess your a spam bot. Well anyway I guess its all about perspective….lol

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