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ODesk and outsourcing

Back to it again, the portfolio needs a bit of a push so I am adding a few new sites into the mix this time in niche’s discovered with a new formula pulling from several new data sets. Ah the wonders of purchasable and scrapeable data online / via api – the formula was refined using the current cross section of my portfolio so I am quietly confident on its production viability. So I chose 5 niche’s and started the process – but this time (largely spurred on by four hour work week) I am outsourcing every possible task, starting with the content writing. I have done this in the past with varying success, when I first started I had some great writers at great prices from forums, but that was years ago and between spurts of sites I lost touch. When I went back to the same sources about a year ago the quality was poor for higher prices, still I got it done.

This time however, with a new push for near as possible to 100% outsourcing I have found a good writer on ODesk, along with some supporting staff to deal with some other *secret* processes – so far so good – I took the time to interview, had one issue out of 6 or so employees but I guess I could of put more time in to harder interviews, in this case the cost was negligable.

The best bit? While away exploring Denmark I was more effective than any normal 10 days, plus I had a great time. Win. Next up I am going to find somewhere to live, probably in London – With a bit of luck this new batch of sites will help 😉

Question is – how big of a human/bot machine can you build using Amazon Mechanical Turk, Odesk Employees, csharp bots (sometimes actually providing and the web at large?

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