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Reddit Wallpaper Grabber V0.1

As I said last post if I couldn’t find a reddit wallpaper downloading program I would make one. Well I found upboat (which is good) but with windows 7 (or display fusion) offering cycling desktop backgrounds every x minutes I thought I might write a more brute force downloader. So I did.

Reddit Wallpaper Grabber is essentially:

…a small program (77kb) that will grab wallpapers straight from their listings on reddit. With it you can download (in bulk) hundreds of the most upvoted wallpapers with the click of a button to a folder on your computer.

It’s only about 8 hours work, is unofficial and probably mildly buggy, but it works for me (and probably everyone on windows > 98.)


  • Save wallpapers in bulk, direct to a folder on your computer
  • Get wallpapers from all the popular wallpaper reddit’s
  • Sort by reddit sections (e.g. Whats Hot or Top of All Time)
  • Include (or dont) NSFW Wallpapers
  • Preview wallpapers before you download them
  • Portable exe (No install needed, just runs when you open it)
  • Its Free!

If you want to suggest feature requests/point out bugs then please do on the comments of this post. If you haven’t already – go ahead and download it.

Download Reddit Wallpaper Grabber, its Free

Download v0.1 now of Reddit Wallpaper Grabber (its free!)

Download Reddit Wallpaper Grabber exe

RedditWallpaperGrabber_0.1.exe (77kb)

Download Reddit Wallpaper Grabber compressed

RedditWallpaperGrabber_0.1.rar (52kb)

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