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Recent Projects, Top Freelancer People Per Hour

I am Top 1 of 169,000 freelancers for November!

It was a busy November, but it paid off – completed a good few projects for some great clients, and whats more I won no# 1 Top Freelancer @ people per hour!

You can read more about some of my recent projects here, although there’s only a few case studies up, the most public of the projects was a great life planning app that I built to first iteration, you can check it out (DO IT NOW!) @ – built in the cloud on PaaS, behind the scenes I have also helped develop a social media analytics platform that is a marketeers wet dream, maybe as it gets properly released I will divulge more on that. Needless to say November was a great month of good work for great clients – off the radar now until my big project in early 2012 😀

Life Planning Web App Built in the cloud (
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