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Did you know: Facebook short url’s already kinda exist

As a side note: facebook shorturls, or at least abreviated urls exist. We all know about, but works too…. Random occurance:

Was saving down facebook data into a database from the graph api, wanted to save the urls in a mixed url table but didn’t want to bother saving the whole every time, what a waste of data. Initially I lazily abbreviated this too:, left the acquisition stuff to its job and then went off to do something else. Coming back to the management system I accidentally clicked one of these links, and it worked! Facebook have set it up as a redirect. Maybe this was common knowledge but I hadn’t heard of it before…Anyhow a useful biproduct of dataspace savings!

So check it out:

That will redirect you too (my page.) – just like, but traditional-like, lol. Neat eh? Anyone else know any facebook quick wins?

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    […] 11/10/2011: Thanks to Woody in the comments, he pointed out that all Facebook URLs can be abbreviated to an even shorter version. The URL redirects to the normal for all URLs. For example, instead of […]

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