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Indie remapping of classic films

A short while ago I read a press release about a software capable of producing 3d models of moving characters from a piece of video, I was certain the link was on reddit but I cannot find it. Anyhow it got me thinking about the uses for this, should it progress to a viable standard and there has got to be a few notable ones. For the film industry it will no doubt aid the allocation of 3d work over digital film, although it will have to get slick to replace the use of bright colour identifiers in place of actors.

*update: I found a similar software here on new scientist, its not the same that inspired this post but its relevant, video from there.

But what about other avenues? democratise the tools of remapping motion from film and it could be like the mass adoption of photoshop, only for video. With clever mapping of 3d objects within a video stream you could augment your characters as if they were 3d objects, recolour body parts, resize them or inflate their limbs, replace their face with that of a 3d model, give them a tail, wings. As the software gets more clever perhaps we will see more of these quirks in our video.

Perhaps also it will lead us to question what we see in video, just as photoshops *should* have made us re-evaluate our trust in images (innately we seem to trust them still but I guess its only been a decade or so.) Mapping of video in 3d could allow modifications which alter the truths they it appears to show, conspiracy theorists could call fake a whole lot more. No doubt secret services or some agency does similar now but more fakes could become mainstream, with the ability to map anyone’s face over a video of another person no doubt people would use and abuse the technology. Making the system realtime could allow tv presenters to be thinner, accentuated or fat, it could change the way the media consuming world thinks of body image.

photoshop like body image edits on live video?

Apart from the possibility for fakes I would like to hope it opens doors for a whole new breed of indie producer, an indie film reproducer, remapping digital actors or placing 3d cut out actors onto new or improved sets, writing extensions to old movies and remapping classics. Replacing actors, improving lighting, adding dimensions or taking away reality. Remixing film like we do music, perhaps new breeds of film will spring up, what could the dubstep of film be?

indie remapping of casablanca?
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