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Dreamweaver .Ste into Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

I have never personally used .ste files or indeed template (.dwt) files within dreamweaver, I never liked the system personally – but pulling .Ste and .dwt files into CS4 is as easy as any old version, you have got to hand it to Adobe, they keep true to old versions (dreamweaver got to 10 before even moving to CS.) – Arguably little has actually changed in the last 10 versions of Dreamweaver, except it does look prettier these days.

Anyway its straitforward to get a dreamweaver .ste into dreamweaver cs4 (or a .dwt) from any old version.

  1. Load Dreamweaver CS4
  2. Go to Assets
  3. Go to Site Manager
  4. Click Import
  5. Find your .Ste File
  6. Set the root of this folder to be the same as the original .Ste
  7. Your done!

What do you use dreamweaver for anyway?

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