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Books everybody should read

Understanding ourselves

The following books represent an exploration into our psychology which I grow to believe is essential in the pursuit of happiness, certainly for myself. In the very least they offer some investigation into the reason behind our actions and push a clearer reality, if absorbed with an open mind they offer even more. Timeless, I would urge everybody to read these 3 books.

A fantastic piece of writing written as if told to you in person, a close encounter with a fantastic mind who chased down reason in psychology and spirit. Consistently embedded with mature concepts and understanding of the mind.

This book is as appropriate for modern life as any other, written almost as “tips for the west” (don’t let that put you off) this book refreshed my mindset. Whether you seek understanding, happiness or both there is much to be learnt from this book. Note it is written by an American psychiatrist (Howard C. Cutler) who interviewed the Dalai Lama over many years, this does in fact play out too its merit if you take it as it is.

Absorb this book and look at yourself and those around you. It is filled with ideas about untangling or at least seeing the knots that we all get ourselves into. An undercurrent of religion can be taken or left, but a great deal of sound advice and observation will not fail to leave a mark on you. This book got me started on exploring the subconscious and gave me the sight to start to understand the rhyme and reason of people (myself included.)

Travel, Business and Money

Travel opens the mind but often money and therefore business (or work) is a pre-requisite of travel. The following books offer a shallower depth to that of the aforementioned ones but still never the less house some important and life relevant information, ideas and initiatives; use them to start to map out how you will achieve the free time to explore your world, your dreams and yourself.

Released at the end of 2010 this book is fresh look at the ways of breaking out of the box, it seemed almost at points as if I had written it myself for myself. If you are ready to be unconventional and explore the things you really want to explore then read this. Littered with good quotes, stories and advice but easy to read, it is a pleasant mix of actual advice and reassurance.

Chances are you have heard about or read this already, while a few years old there is still plenty of useful stuff to be taken from the 4 hour work week, as much as anything the idea of how life and work can and should be considered not just procedurally followed. While the blueprint to success it offers is now perhaps less valuable (a few years on, a few million copies sold, a lot more people doing it) it covers automation, digital assistants, goal setting and vagabonding well. Especially nice ideas include mini-retirements, dreamlining and the way he deals with email.

A small primer for anyone who wants to control their money rather than let it control them. Written as a narrative this small book could be devoured in a few hours but I would suggest you take longer and truly absorb the points in it. Its rules will ring true to everyone who is open to them.

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