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iPhone HomeScreen’s, Spotify, Evernote and the iphone

Thought I would randomly dump a few iphone screenshots I have just found on my 3gs (too many people have iphones – I am not one of these fanboys :/) – If you didn’t know you can take a screenshot at any point with an iphone by pressing the home key and the lock key […]

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TED Talks – Architecture

For some reason architectural design has really got me recently…specifically Bjarke Ingels – He’s someone I would like to work with should I ever give up this code for CAD!

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TED Talks that inspire – My Pick

My most recent favourite on is this talk by behavioral economist Dan Ariely, is a funny one. Alex Tabarrok on how “ideas trump crisis” Adam Savage’s Talk on his obsessions in life All worth a watch, if you get a spare chance check out,  you can see my profile where I will try […]

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