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Hackers wrecking your shared host account? Check your Website Portfolio Integrity

10 days of perpetual issues with hackers. 10 DAYS. 100+ sites bombed randomly between every 5 minutes and 5 hours and that’s only after proper detection, who knows how far it had gone before. But from the relentless irritation some positives developed, if you are in the (precarious) position of hosting LOTS of websites on […]

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Forget Inertia – A new era.

There is by far enough written words about the freedom and positives of leaving ones established job, for better or for worse I think it is the right way forward for me, now. I have had a long list of things to post about, technology thoughts and projects completed; now thankfully I have the control […]

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Facebook Graph Api – Is user a fan of page id – Using FQL and opengraph to mimic Pages.IsFan

Working with integration of Facebook Connect for authentication is mostly easy at the moment, once you have got your head around FBML etc. However as they are in between switching from the old Restful API and the new graph API there remains the odd little thing that has only a splatter of useful documentation online. […]

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Multiple WordPress blogs from 1 instance / 1 wordpress folder to maintain

WordPress is a victim of its own success, but its no victim. It is huge. Millions upon millions of people use wordpress to power their blogs (like this one for example) to make money and to have their voice present on the internet. It has become a first stop for a huge host of people […]

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Ebay Partner Network Xmas Bonus? – EPN Look after their affiliates

Those of you that make good money out of eBay probably noticed the downtime last month. For me it had an affect on my epn earnings for around 5 days. The problem (in my case at least) seemed to be with RSS feeds called from php (curl.) But it could simply have been a server […]

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ASP/PHP Network Share browsing between Servers on IIS

Its always the simple things that take longer than expected, if you are trying to access a network share, say \\server1\netshare$ from some code on your webserver (say \\server2) – you would think this would be simple? If your on IIS you would be wrong, kind of. I think if you are on Apache this […]

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ionCube on 1and1 shared hosting

…I needed to use ionCube for Auction 2 Post but it takes an odd combination of files to get it working so heres how to get ionCube loaders to work on 1 and 1 shared hosting (spoon fed): 1. Use getcwd to find the working directory (make a new .php file with two lines “echo […]

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Developers Arsenal PHP to ASP Jump

Server Side Scripting is a wonderful term. It’s what takes the control off of the browser and solely in the hands of the developer, because ultimately the developer is the one with the coding capacity. Since I first messed about with php for my own entertainment I have always revelled in using it, perhaps it […]

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